Activities at Samsara Luxury Cottages & Spa

The resort offers a variety of activities to keep guests of all ages entertained and engaged. Test your skills or enjoy leisure time with games like Mini Golf, Turn Ball, Archery, Darts, Badminton, Mountain Biking, Cornhole, and Boardgames. For a romantic experience, opt for candlelight dinners in Chail at the Gazebo or enjoy the group or private bonfires at Khalyaan. Enhance your stay further with exclusive experiences such as couple’s jacuzzi sessions, mountain biking, starlit bonfires, paragliding, and special arrangements like Decoration & Cake service at the Gazebo, Special Barbeque, or a Sightseeing/Day Tour to Chail's attractions like Kali ka Tibba and the Chail Palace.

Mini Golf

Perfect your putt amidst the breathtaking scenery at Samsara Luxury Cottages & Spa. Our Mini Golf course offers a fun challenge for novices and seasoned golfers alike, providing a playful way to unwind.

a close up shot of a Golf ball next to the hole and the green manicured grass in view
A closeup shot of a football inside a net kept on a green artificial turf

Turn Ball

Engage in a lively session of Turn Ball, a dynamic game that tests your reflexes and brings out the competitive spirit in a friendly outdoor environment.


Embrace your inner archer with our Archery range. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced bowman, hitting the bullseye is always a thrill in the serene backdrop of Samsara.

a view of the target board during Archery with many arrows on it
a close up shot of Darts placed on different sections of a dart board


Challenge your precision with a game of Darts. It's a classic pub game turned resort fun, where guests can aim for a perfect score while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.


Enjoy a game of Badminton on our courts. It's a perfect way to stay active, engage in some light-hearted competition, or simply have fun with family and friends.

many Badminton racquets kept next to each other and many cocks next to it
two people riding their cycle on a mud road with a valley next to them

Mountain Biking

Explore the rugged trails and stunning landscapes around the resort with our Mountain Biking activity. It's an exhilarating way to connect with nature and experience the local terrain.


A lawn game favorite, Cornhole at Samsara is a casual, yet addictive activity where guests toss bean bags aiming for a hole on an inclined board – fun for all ages.

a close up image of a sacks next to a hole during a game of Cornhole
a close up shot of a dice and other small items kept on a table

Board Games

For those who prefer a quieter form of entertainment, our selection of Boardgames offers a chance to engage with fellow guests over strategic gameplay and light conversation.

Candlelight Dinner at Gazebo

Opt for an intimate candlelight dinner at the Gazebo, with the pool's reflection adding to the ambiance, ideal for couples seeking a romantic setting.

a table with many items during Candlelight dinner
a close up shot of a bonfire with the fire raging in the night

Bonfires at Khalyaan

Gather around for a cozy bonfire experience at Khalyaan, whether for a group bonding session or a private, reflective moment under the starry sky.

Couple’s Jacuzzi Sessions

Indulge in a private jacuzzi session, a serene escape designed for couples to relax and connect in a tranquil, intimate space.

a jacuzzi on the ground with a table in the foreground and seating table in the background
a person Paragliding with a trail in the bottom and snow on mountains in the background


For the thrill-seekers, paragliding offers an unmatched bird's-eye view of the beautiful surroundings, elevating the adventure quotient of your stay.

Decoration & Cake Service at the Gazebo

Celebrate special occasions with a personalized touch with our Decoration & Cake service, set in the charming Gazebo for an unforgettable celebration.


a picture of a cake kept on a tray with brown icing on it
A close up shot of a skewered meat kept on hot coal during a barbecue - Samsara Luxury Cottages & Spa

Special Barbeque

Savour the flavours of a special barbeque, a culinary delight where guests can enjoy freshly grilled delicacies prepared to perfection.

Sightseeing/Day Tour to Chail

Embark on a sightseeing adventure to explore the local wonders like Kali ka Tibba and Chail Palace, offering a glimpse into the region's culture and history.

An overview of Samsara Luxury Cottages & Spa on a hill top with forest cover