Rejuvenating Retreat in Our Spa in Chail

Let your stay turn into a relaxing one with Moksha, our spa. You can have a relaxing steam bath and unwind with the various treatments and massages offered at our spa in Chail. Relieve yourself by having a revitalising massage or treatment with us.
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a person giving face massage to a woman with flowers kept inside a bowl of water
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Duration - 60 Minutes, 15 Minutes Steam
Emotional healing and well-being lie at the core of this massage. Thus, this massage is best suited for you if you are perennially exhausted and burnt out. It helps elevate your mood, reducing stress and anxiety or any symptoms of depression. Moreover, it relieves muscle tension and any other form of pain. In Aroma therapy massage, soft and gentle pressure is applied with essential oil to punctuate its impact.


Duration - 60 Minutes, 15 Minutes Steam
A relaxing and therapeutic massage where medium pressure is applied that works as the superficial layers of the muscles and ease tension. Long and gentle gliding strokes are used, which are highly beneficial for increasing oxygen circulation in the blood. This decreases mussel toxins and enhances flexibility.

gua sha items kept on a tray with leaves next to it
an image taken from above showing many leaf and a dropper kept inside a bowl


Duration - 60 Minutes, 15 Minutes Steam

Like Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage applies deeper pressure on the muscles. During this sesh, the massage will work out the knots from stresses and overworked muscles and connective tissues to reduce any immediate pain you might suffer. Choric joint and muscle pains are also alleviated, hence promoting rapid healing by increasing the circulation of blood and decreasing any inflammation.


Duration - 75 Minutes, 15 Minutes Steam

A full body, deep-tissue and holistic treatment, traditional Balinese massage employs a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy to stimulate blood flow, oxygen and inner “chi” (energy) in your body. This brings a sense of well-being, calmness and deep relaxation to your mind and soul. Using a myriad of techniques, including skin rolling, kneading and stroking, the massage applies pressure-point simulation by infusing soothing aromas of essential oils.

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a person massaging the head of a person lying down on a massage table


Duration - 30 Minutes

A traditional form of massage that works on your head, neck, hand, scalp and shoulder to unknot your entire body. Performed in the prone position, this massage relaxes and eases muscle tension while balancing chakras and eliminating toxins. This is achieved by stimulating blood in the lymphatic system, thus leaving you in a state of exalted tranquility and calmness.


Duration - 45 Minutes

Reflexology helps in restarting and maintaining the natural body equilibrium. These gentle massages encourage the body to work naturally to restore its healthy balance.


a person drying the feet of a customer with the other foot inside the tub